Lawn Maintenance at Nightmare On Landscape

Maintaining high visibility lawns is not such a simple task; it is more than just grass mowing regularly or leaf blowing or clearing off lots. Winter calls for ice management services and summer might require you irrigation repairs. For these reasons, Nightmare On Landscape offers all season lawn care service for your convenience.

Lawn care services may also require topdressing soil or a deep raking to remove thatch in the fall seasons. Spring raking will remove grass blades that died in the winter. If you see any matted patches, in which the blades are stuck together, this can be caused by a disease known as “snow mold”. New grass may have difficulty penetrating in the springtime because of this.

Lawn maintenance may also vary depending on if it is a residential or commercial property, location weather or seasonal patterns, and your overall landscaping. We specialize in all season lawn care services to give you that thick turf with vibrant colour or keep your natural lawn looking well-kept. In

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